Brightmark has a “pioneer advantage” – the company’s founder was instrumental in, among other things, creating the training that teaches new Salesforce employees on the intricacies of an integrated Pardot and Salesforce implementation.


Supercharge your CRM with the power of marketing automation

We accelerate your growth by implementing solutions with speed. With Brightmark, you can reap the rewards of an integrated sales and marketing system earlier, and we don’t sacrifice quality because we’ve done this hundreds of times.

We believe that quick, iterative deployments allow you to get a faster return on your investment in Salesforce, Pardot and your marketing efforts. This means getting hands on with the app and discovering the benefits and potential of Salesforce and Pardot working together.

In sum, we help businesses do their best work, using technology they love to use, each and every day.

Brightmark Methodology


Calvin Quek

Calvin Quek


As a 10-year Salesforce veteran who’s worked for Salesforce and Pardot directly in sales, sales engineering and sales enablement, Calvin co-founded what would quickly become one of Canada’s top Salesforce consulting firms. He served as the company’s COO for 5 years before selling to his business partners. Most recently, he has been an instrumental part in laying the foundation for the onboarding program for the Pardot Sales team.

Key Value: Calvin pairs years of sales and technical expertise with strong business acumen, to help businesses solve complex problems with ease.

Where are they now?

Working to help you implement Pardot and Salesforce solutions, making sure you harvest the best of your sales and marketing teams’ potential. And this translates into one concrete result – the unlocking of your company’s true revenue potential.

As certified Salesforce and Pardot consultants, Brightmark offers a complete consultancy package containing CRM, marketing automation and digital marketing services, the exact tools needed for your company to start cashing-in to its full potential.

Let us become your one-stop consulting partner that accelerates your growth and ensures your success.